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Process Addiction Treatment

Process Addiction & Abuse

Most people are familiar with substance addiction (also known as drug or alcohol addiction) but what about process addictions? Process addictions happen when a person becomes addicted to a certain behavior, as opposed to a substance. These addictions include sex addiction, gambling addiction, internet addiction and food addiction. The addictions can result in the same debilitating consequences that process addicts experience.

In the Middle East, process addictions are more common than most people realize. In fact, Arabs lose more money gambling each year than anyone else in the world. Problem gamblers in Dubai & Beirut, on average, lose $53,000 per year. But gambling is not the only process addiction that Arabs are facing.

Gaming and internet addictions are growing rapidly in adults, but even more so in teens. In some cases, teens report spending up to 15 hours playing online games each day especially in the Arab Gulf Region GCC. As well, studies have shown that approximately 33% of Arabs suffer from food addiction, and Arabs seeking help for sex addiction are on the rise.

Process addictions can be hard to spot in yourself or a loved one. If you think that you or someone you love may be suffering from one of the above addictions, Cedar Rehabilitation & Addiction Treatment Center offers a comprehensive assessment. Process addictions cause chemical changes in the brain that require psychological treatment to overcome and hard to do on your own.

Process Addiction Treatment

Very few addiction treatment centers in the Middle East are equipped to deal with process addictions, focusing solely on substance addiction instead. Cedar Rehabilitation & Addiction Treatment Center offers a complete recovery program.

Located in the serene environment of Hammana, Cedar Rehab offers both outpatient & inpatient program schedules that can fit even the busiest of lives. With flexible hours, patients are able to stay committed to work and family responsibilities while getting the treatment needed to combat addiction. Our certified addiction specialists have treated all types of process addictions successfully, and take your recovery seriously. Met with discretion and privacy, patients will find that treatment at The Cedar Rehab fits well into their lifestyle. For those who have families affected by addiction, family counseling is also available.

In general terms, gambling is any activity that involves wagering or betting. While gambling includes activities such as slot machines, races or sports, or casino games such as roulette, poker or blackjack, it also includes playing the stock market with risky or short-term securities that have the potential of a big win.

Gambling is harmless for most people, but this enjoyable activity can become an illness, or addiction.
Gambling addiction occurs when a person has a strong compulsion to gamble despite harmful consequences, or when the person has a desire to stop.

Problem gambling isn’t defined by a person’s behavior, but it becomes problematic when harm is experienced by the gambler or other people. If you hide your gambling habits or lie about your activities, or if you are unable to control the urge to gamble in spite of the negative consequences, then you may be suffering from a gambling addiction.

With the advent of the internet, easy access to the worldwide web, and current technologies rapidly becoming more readily and continuously available, increasing numbers of people are becoming addicted to the internet itself and online facilities. It might not be immediately recognized as an addiction but it is a seriously growing field of concern.

The adverse effects are similar to commonly accepted addictions and include on line gambling, shopping, sex lines and obsessive use of games.

Cedar rehab provides a series of counselling and therapy sessions to examine the underlying factors that drive the addiction. This enables a patient to discover who they really are and develop self acceptance. This creates the power to look inside themselves for the solution to their problems and create healthy alternatives to addiction, resulting in a more balanced and fulfilled life.