At Cedar Rehab we believe that offering an integrated treatment model, which allows us the opportunity to provide a variety of best practice recovery tools and methods, is imperative.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction & Abuse

Alcohol Addiction or Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic illness that affects millions of people. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that alcohol is responsible for more than 3 million deaths per year, or nearly 6 percent of all deaths worldwide. WHO also reports that heavy drinking is highest in wealthier, high-income nations.

Alcoholism influences every aspect of life and presents serious consequences that affect physical and mental health, emotional stability, career and finances. Alcoholism significantly impacts family, friends and coworkers.

How We Treat Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

In addition to treating the actual addiction in terms of the habit, the routine, the ritual or the automatic response, we will also work with you and teach you how to identify and deal with the issues beneath the surface. At Cedar Rehabilitation & Addiction treatment center, we:

  • help you understand what is driving you to use alcohol;
  • work with you to resolve these underlying issues;
  • build you up and empower you with a sense that not only are your issues manageable but that alcohol is
  • not a necessary or even helpful solution;
  • give you the tools to live a happy and fulfilling life without alcohol and its devastating effects.

Alcoholism Treatment - A Holistic Approach

Extended use of alcohol and alcoholism can be physically damaging and profoundly affect the way you view the world. Early treatment must be medically supervised as there are grave dangers associated with abrupt withdrawals from drinking.

Once withdrawals are stabilized, personal training, body work and complementary therapies help to strengthen the body while intensive psychotherapy and other reflective therapies help to deepen understanding of the underlying issues behind the urge to drink. As clarity returns, an enthusiastic engagement with a new life is fostered by stepping up fun activities and learning new skills, for example, music or dance.

The Cedar Rehabilitation Center's approach is truly holistic, bringing together your mind, body and your deepest self into alignment and harmony, but importantly, at the right place and with the most appropriate therapies at the right time.

What can I expect during Rehab?

As a leading drug & alcohol rehabilitation center in Lebanon, our comprehensive treatment program aims to heal body and mind simultaneously. Upon arriving at our facility you will undergo an initial assessment with one of our counselors and a member of our medical team. Those who are physically dependent on alcohol will be referred to medically supervised alcohol detox program for the first few days.

Otherwise, after being shown to a room, patients will embark on their weekly schedule of treatment and various therapies including physical fitness, art therapy, yoga, and mindfulness meditation which work well together to build coping skills and ensure a complete recovery. Each week provides opportunity for local excursions as well hiking.